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Hints For Writing the Top Stories In Milwaukee

topstoriesmilwaukee-09So, you are a young and aspiring journalist, who have just graduated from college, have some experience writing for the college papers and now want to run with the big boys in Milwaukee? Well, I think that this short article can help you at least a little in writing the stories that will make any editor nod in appreciation as he or she reads them, instead of just sifting through, like they normally do when a new guy comes looking for work.

First of all, do you have a specific niche to write about? It’s one thing to write about what’s going on in high school or college, where the top stories revolve around the latest win or loss of the school rugby team or what kind of food you can get in the cafeteria, but out there, the world is a lot bigger than that. So, instead of trying to write about everything, it might be best to focus on one particular niche and go with it.

You need to make your stories both time relevant and interesting. For instance, there is no point writing about the win Bucks had against Wolves when they are already a day close to an away game in Philadelphia. Writing newspaper stories can often be hectic. At one moment nothing is going on and at the next, all hell breaks loose and you don’t know where your head is. Because of this, you have to be always focused and ready to write an article for your newspaper.

Also, you have to know what kind of readers do you have. If you are going to write about sport’s results, then there is little point in taking a whole page for that. This is done by newspapers than don’t have anything else to write about, so they “cheat” with big pictures (of course, your article should contain a picture, but don’t overdo it) and headlines, while their texts are consisting only of a few lines.

topstoriesmilwaukee-10Speaking of the headline, this is perhaps the most important part of your article. It has to be relevant to the story and to entice people to read the entire article. A really good headline tells a story by itself. One thing is to write something like “Latest News for Milwaukee Bucks” and “Bucks Have Great Expectations Before Indiana Clash”. Of course, we all want our headlines to be on the cover of the newspaper, but that isn’t always possible. There is just so much room there and not even a quarter of the news make it there.

Quotes are also important for your article. Whenever you can, you should find a relevant expert. This will give your articles more readers as they always love to read what the head coach of their team, for instance, has to say about the game. Plus, this will give your articles a more human touch.

By following these rather simple guidelines, you will know exactly what you need to do in order to write a good newspaper article and will be able to do so with ease.

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